What’s the best way to communicate?

When you have something substantial to communicate, your message delivery can be as important as your message content. Sometimes it’s a text. It could be an email, but social platforms are more popular. Maybe it’s a phone/video call. If you really want to shock someone, send them a letter. It’s fairly jolting to find personal mail in your mailbox these days.

The point is, if you don’t know how a person likes to be communicated with, you’re probably not communicating as effectively as you could be.

Good communication provides transparency, clarity and is a conversation, so here’s a challenge for all of us. If you haven’t already, incorporate these suggestions into your client meetings. First, make “How do you prefer to communicate?” one of your first questions the next time you meet with a client, and be prepared to offer options. Second, reach out to clients with an agenda before the meeting, and encourage them to add their questions to it so that you’re both ready for a productive conversation.

An investment in better communication can save everyone time and build better relationships.

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